Memorial Day Shopping Trip

The traditional first day of camping has finally arrived, but it looks gray and overcast outside, and the wind blew in the night. I just couldn't get myself excited to brave the crowds of campers that will be out this weekend, so I decided to keep the tent in the house for one more weekend and do some shopping instead. Surprisingly there was not a lot of traffic on the roads as I headed across New Hampshire and over the bridge into Maine. Finally, off the interstate and through the Kittery circle I suddenly discovered where everyone was - they had all gotten the same idea as I had and were taking advantage of a cloudy day to do some shopping at the Kittery Trading Post. I don't believe I have ever seen so many people in one place, except perhaps at a Red Sox game. The one parking spot I finally located was so far away I couldn't even see the store, but it was good exercise walking over there and while it was a lot of people it wasn't so crowded that my social anxiety kicked in.

I took a turn around the super sale tent and then went directly to the camping section. As I have mentioned earlier I am a gear-aholic. I get almost as much pleasure from shopping for camping stuff as I do using it. I love my Coleman sleeping bag but have been thinking lately of something a bit lighter. So I spent some time looking over the selection. I have never been one who is comfortable sleeping in a mummy bag, so I was quite interested in the NEMO spoon-shaped bags.  The idea that someone has come up with a sleeping bag that makes it comfortable to sleep on your side is great news. I didn't buy it, but it seemed well made and I could easily imagine myself all curled up inside.

I did, however, spend some money while there. This tent peg lifter is a gizmo that just made sense. I can't tell you how many times I have driven a peg in too deep and spent half an hour digging down far enough so I could get it out, or worse, pulled on the tent flap only to have the loop rip off. Using the tent fabric to leverage a stuck tent peg is a no-no. In the past I have found the claw of a hammer to be helpful, but hopefully, this new gadget will make camping life just that much easier. We'll find out next week when I head to Massachusetts to Nickerson Park on Cape Cod.

After shopping for an hour or so I headed next door to Bob's Clam Hut and had a bowl of fish chowder before heading home. All in all a relaxing day. Glad I didn't head to the lighthouse, it must have been mobbed.

New England Camping Gear Sellers (Lots of 20% off sales going on this weekend!)

The Kittery Trading Post


LL Bean

Eastern Mountain Sports


Memorial Day Shopping Trip
Selfie at Kittery Trading Post

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