Early Season Camping Anyone?

Well, the weather is getting nicer every day. That gets me in the mood to do some garden work and to get the beach and camping gear out. After a long winter of cellar storage, the tent is in need of airing out and I need to hunt around for all the pieces which didn’t get saved in the proper places. For example, the tent stakes got used to secure the blow-up Christmas decorations and now they are spread all over the place. I need to gather all this stuff in one place and inventory so I know I am ready in a couple of weeks when the camping season starts for real.

Of course, I could be heading on a camping expedition, like this afternoon.

New Hampshire

Pawtuckaway – 5/1

Bear Brook – 5/4


Lake Francis


Coleman 5/11

Jerico Mountain

Milan Hill





5/1 – Sebago

5/15 – All others


4/29 Wilgus

5/4 Jamica

5/5 Niquette Bay

5/11 Grand Isle, Lowell Lake


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